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newupchuck250x250.jpg UPCHUCK: GONE BUT NOT FORGIVEN
ON SALE NOW!!!!! A career-spanning collection of music by Charles "Upchuck" Gerra, an influential and legendary Seattle musician. The collection includes recordings as CLONE, one of the earliest West Coast punk bands up to Gerra's final neo-glam persona as Charles Garish of the NYC duo 'Such'.

nwpunkrockfinal1.jpg NWPUNKROCK
2-disk DVD

Dave Alexander’s 2-disk D.I.Y. documentary includes interviews and live performances by over 25 bands. It includes recent interviews as well as little-seen archival footage. This video is essential for anyone who truly cares about REAL punk rock. Disc one contains Dave’s documentary and disc two is nothing but live performance! Featuring: The Dishrags, The Subhumans, The Fartz, Subvert, Maggot Brains, Hot Rod Lunatics, Solger, The Rickets, The Meyce, Mr. Epp & The Calculations, Zipgun, D.O.A., The Slashers, The Insurgence, The Rebel Spell, TBA, Leper, The Dreadul Children, Pot Belly, Swads, Flash, Fitz of Depression, Mr. Plow and others

Rumors of War

The Assasinators have shared the stage with legendary acts such as, Dr. Know, The U.K. Subs, The Accused, M.D.C., Raw Power and many more. Earning their keep as a solid quartet who continue to re-invent themselves without sacrificing the core of their anger. Highlighting on the conspiracies of a wicked nation and shedding light on secret societies. Follow The Assasinators on a downward spiral through the twisted minds of each member...

OTHERNESS made their way from the furthest reaches of Argentina’s Patagonia to Buenos Aires four years ago. Since then they have worked constantly, writing, recording, playing and touring. Their hard work has begun to pay off with notice in their adopted city and as far away as London and New York City. Now they have set their sites on bringing their special brand of techno-punk to the US and Europe. Their self-titled EP is being released on the eve of a tour that will take them across North America for the first time.

garyHEFERN_consolation_dadpage_best.jpg GARY HEFFERN
Consolation CD

Gary Heffern's previous solo albums have featured an incredible cadre of admirers. Mojo Nixon, Country Dick Montana, The Walkabouts, and Mark Arm of Mudhoney. ‘Consolation‘ also features a who’s who of pop, folk and American roots music. Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, Alejandro Escovedo, Peter Case of R.E.M. Mark Lanegan, Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows) Chris and Carla of The Walkabouts, Jim Roth from ‘Built to Spill‘, and so on.

DelRubio_3gals3guitar.jpg DEL RUBIO TRIPLETS
Three Gals Three Guitars Vinyl LP
The classic VINYL LP that launched the Del Rubio’s career-after 40 years of playing around the world, opening for Victor Borge and entertaining in every Nursing Home in Southern California! The Del Rubio treats on this album range from Besamo Mucho to Light My Fire to Walk Like an Egyptian…all performed in that inimitable Del Rubio style that made them the coolest kitsch of the 1990’s. This collectors item is from the first, original 1988 pressing on Cabazon Records.

garland_of_rain_gooder.jpg NANCY JEPHCOTE
Garland Of Rain
2 CD's

Garland of Rain is an outstanding listening experience. Wise and meaningful, woven of many strands, with an exquisite voice, profound lyrics and imaginative instrumental arrangements. The rich, crystalline sound of this double album is at once organic and emotionally satisfying. In Nancy's own words, "this is genre bending, folk imbued original music with heart and spirit. The lyrics carry my experience, strength and hope. There has been healing here."

fibs_dad_store.jpg FIBONACCIS Civilization & It's Discotheques Vinyl LP
Suppose Nino Rota got drunk with John Phillip Sousa in the back room of a Hollywood soundstage. Suppose they're joined by a couple of organ grinders from a failed travelling acrobatics troupe. Suppose they pick up an Asian chanteuse at the corner dive, and together stagger home to drink, sing, and dance till the light of dawn. The music produced from such a meeting of the minds (or mindless) might describe Fibonaccis, a headshrinkin' espresso-fueled ensemble equal parts Berlin cabaret, Sicilian dirge, and hip-shakin' Watusi mating ritual. Hard to label? Yep.Hard to enjoy? Never!One sip of their intoxicating brew and pop will never taste the same. The Fibonaccis, who swiped their name from a thirteenth-century Italian mathemetician, consist of almond-eyed siren Magie Song on vocals, Professor John Dentino on keyboards, bassist Tom Corey, trapeze artist-turned-drummer Joseph Berardi, and the inimitable guitarist Ron Stringer, also known as "Swamp Nymph" in the shadowy underworld of circus contortionists. They combine their disparate exotic tastes into an act of musical chicanery, pleasing but deceiving to the eye and ear. Make no mistake, this is no ordinary sideshow-barking gang of geeks. This is a band with entrails. So cross your fingers and close your eyes. And maybe, just maybe, the Fibonaccis' travelling carnival will take the detour to your town, and hold you open-mouthed and spellbound with their spritely tales and twisted oompahpah.

slack_cover_store.jpg SLACK Bigger Than Breakfast
12" Vinyl LP

Bigger Than Breakfast is the 1988 debut album by Slack, a white funk quartet from Portland, Oregon. The album conjures an 11-song spell pulled from rap, fusion, punk, psychedelia, jazz, and croquet. Put an Oregon moontan on a skateboard, give it a dance beat and a groove so scorchin' it can dehydrate a fern bar, and you've drafted Slack. From the comedic temporary amnesia of "Brain Toast" to the tater-tot frustration of "Out to Lunch" to the gentle contemplation of "Spiders," Slack's varied stand-up attacked not only shoots to your soul, it could alter your DNA. Bigger than Breakfast was the first LP produced by trombonist Bruce Fowler, a veteran of Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa recording and performing bands. This album is available once again on classic vinyl, ready to be heard in all it’s glorious, vibrant, chaotic splendor!

pettinato_front.jpg PETTINATO & THE PESSI-MYSTICS
El Yo Saturado

In November of 2000 seven musicians who had never performed together walked into a studio in Buenos Aires to conduct an experiment. The engineer set the tape rolling and the band began to play. This project was the brainchild of Roberto Pettinato, one-time member of Sumo, the most influential rock band ever to come out of South America. During the initial session and another the following week the players came up with ten solid tracks; all of them improvised and mostly without overdubs or mixing. The result is El Yo Saturado (I Am Saturated) by Roberto Pettinato and The Pessi-Mystics. The music is unapologetic, chaotic, beautiful anti-pop. It combines spaced-out psychedelic dirge and a free-for-all atmosphere unbounded by pop conventions. El Yo Saturado is more than noise or intellectual meandering. It’s a solid slice of the beauty of process that satisfies as any polished product.

The_Vicars_son_sales.jpg BILL BELL
The Vicar's Son CD

Bill Bell's latest CD The Vicar's Son delves into traditional and contemporary Irish, Scottish and American fiddle music...but that's only a small slice of Bell's musical interests. He originally 'discovered' and produced the infamous Del Rubio Triplets, and wrote and co-produced Josey Cotton's album 'Frghtened By Nightengales'. His music has led him to Africa, performing with raga outfits and to write and perform his own avant-garde orchestral compositions. The Vicar's Son includes folk tunes Bell has picked up on his travels in the British Isles as well as his own inspired tunes. He imbues the recordings with beauty and care, bringing in top of the line musicians Paul Burton, Eddie Young,Dan Richardson, Enrique Platas and Red Dice to provide sensitive background accompaniment. The result is warm, inviting folk music in an historical context with Bell's contemporary you can hear in the title track. This is friendly, unaffected music by an equally friendly and unaffected artist, with just enough mystery to provide an edge. Music that is presented with warmth and just a touch of slyness. According to Bill: I found my fiddle in a pawn shop in Lubbock Texas in November 1983. It is labelled 'Aldric' Paris France, 1828. I hope you enjoy listening to 'The Vicar's Son' which is, after all, just a fancy way of saying "Preacher's Kid".

josey_3.jpg JOSEY COTTON
Frightened By Nightingales

Frightened By Nightingales was first released in the mid-1990s on the French Silences label. It was a sharp departure from the sound Josie Cotton fans had come to expect. Keeping that in mind she chose to temporarily revert to the spelling of her family name and release it under the name Josey Cotton. The CD was almost impossible to find in the US, so Cotton and husband Geza X released a small pressing on their own Roxco Records imprint. The album never got widely distributed, so for over a decade Frightened By Nightingales has languished and is hardly known outside of a core of Josie Cotton devotees. The songs are more expansive and haunting but always accessible and engaging. The material allows her usual upbeat delivery to visit melancholy, drama and depth in a way that seems perfectly suited to her voice. Musical styles include alt-pop, tango, fiddles, ballads, lonely guitars and mysterious keyboard washes. They’re combined with lyrics about lost love in the Himalayas, empty spaces and empty hearts in the high desert and self-exploration of a very personal nature. There’s even a bit of Esperanto thrown in. This album is proof positive that Josie is a serious artist that belies her being pigeon-holed as a nostalgic new-wave pop diva. This is, as one critic says, this is “spooky, arty, dream-pop“.

thats_dadastic THAT'S DADASTIC! CD
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Our latest compilation features twenty turned-on hits by the original artists. New stuff. Old stuff. A great mix of sounds from our friends and labelmates.

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