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Bigger Than Breakfast

slack_cover_store.jpg SLACK Bigger Than Breakfast
12" Vinyl LP

Bigger Than Breakfast is the 1988 debut album by Slack, a white funk quartet from Portland, Oregon. The album conjures an 11-song spell pulled from rap, fusion, punk, psychedelia, jazz, and croquet. Put an Oregon moontan on a skateboard, give it a dance beat and a groove so scorchin' it can dehydrate a fern bar, and you've drafted Slack. From the comedic temporary amnesia of "Brain Toast" to the tater-tot frustration of "Out to Lunch" to the gentle contemplation of "Spiders," Slack's varied stand-up attacked not only shoots to your soul, it could alter your DNA. Bigger than Breakfast was the first LP produced by trombonist Bruce Fowler, a veteran of Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa recording and performing bands. This album is available once again on classic vinyl, ready to be heard in all itís glorious, vibrant, chaotic splendor!

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