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El Yo Saturado

pettinato_front.jpg PETTINATO & THE PESSI-MYSTICS
El Yo Saturado

In November of 2000 seven musicians who had never performed together walked into a studio in Buenos Aires to conduct an experiment. The engineer set the tape rolling and the band began to play. This project was the brainchild of Roberto Pettinato, one-time member of Sumo, the most influential rock band ever to come out of South America. During the initial session and another the following week the players came up with ten solid tracks; all of them improvised and mostly without overdubs or mixing. The result is El Yo Saturado (I Am Saturated) by Roberto Pettinato and The Pessi-Mystics. The music is unapologetic, chaotic, beautiful anti-pop. It combines spaced-out psychedelic dirge and a free-for-all atmosphere unbounded by pop conventions. El Yo Saturado is more than noise or intellectual meandering. Itís a solid slice of the beauty of process that satisfies as any polished product.

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