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Frightened By Nightingales

josey_3.jpg JOSEY COTTON
Frightened By Nightingales

Frightened By Nightingales was first released in the mid-1990s on the French Silences label. It was a sharp departure from the sound Josie Cotton fans had come to expect. Keeping that in mind she chose to temporarily revert to the spelling of her family name and release it under the name Josey Cotton. The CD was almost impossible to find in the US, so Cotton and husband Geza X released a small pressing on their own Roxco Records imprint. The album never got widely distributed, so for over a decade Frightened By Nightingales has languished and is hardly known outside of a core of Josie Cotton devotees. The songs are more expansive and haunting but always accessible and engaging. The material allows her usual upbeat delivery to visit melancholy, drama and depth in a way that seems perfectly suited to her voice. Musical styles include alt-pop, tango, fiddles, ballads, lonely guitars and mysterious keyboard washes. They’re combined with lyrics about lost love in the Himalayas, empty spaces and empty hearts in the high desert and self-exploration of a very personal nature. There’s even a bit of Esperanto thrown in. This album is proof positive that Josie is a serious artist that belies her being pigeon-holed as a nostalgic new-wave pop diva. This is, as one critic says, this is “spooky, arty, dream-pop“.

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