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2 Disc DVD

nwpunkrockfinal1.jpg NWPUNKROCK
2-disk DVD

Dave Alexander’s 2-disk D.I.Y. documentary includes interviews and live performances by over 25 bands. It includes recent interviews as well as little-seen archival footage. This video is essential for anyone who truly cares about REAL punk rock. Disc one contains Dave’s documentary and disc two is nothing but live performance! Featuring: The Dishrags, The Subhumans, The Fartz, Subvert, Maggot Brains, Hot Rod Lunatics, Solger, The Rickets, The Meyce, Mr. Epp & The Calculations, Zipgun, D.O.A., The Slashers, The Insurgence, The Rebel Spell, TBA, Leper, The Dreadul Children, Pot Belly, Swads, Flash, Fitz of Depression, Mr. Plow and others

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